Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Taking a short break

Dear friends,
I wanna take some break from writing a blog.
Perhaps i wanna try something new that does not involves blogging.
Till then.

Cik Tikah Ex UQ

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Home again

I"m back at home already

Cik Tikah Ex UQ

Saturday, January 15, 2011

KL visit

it was a shocked and last minute decision to go to KL on Tuesday evening.
I got a last minute called from RHB a few days before asking me to attend the interview.
Since it was a golden opportunity that rarely turned up, I decided to grab the opportunity, and just go for it.
I just told a few person about my planned of going to KL.
That's including Kak Ju because I decided not to bother my other friends who were going to have exam on the day that I got interview. Plus, the interview place was near to Kak Ju's place.
Therefore, she drove me there and picked me once I'm done.
I don't wanna talk about the interview cause I am pretty sure about my confidence level and performance.
I think I can get the offer.
However, i'm not gonna put too much hope on it cause they might not like my way anyway.
Apart from that, I knew a few of my friends are(cause they still) angry at me cause I didn't really tell them in detail about when I am leaving back for hometown. Plus, some of them did not know till now that I came to KL. Sorry girls. That was just a short visit. Don't worry cause I'm definitely gonna be back in KL this February. So, I will have time for those who were unfortunate enough to see me...Hehehe(bajet popular le)....

Currently in Kampar, visiting a cousin here and will be going back tomorrow.Yey..Home sweet home.

p/s Thank u kak ju for the best hospitality and the very best accompany while I was there. Thank u for being my driver for me to get around, my companion for me to sleep tight every night without the fear of ghost, my unofficial bodyguard for spending most of your time with me during i was there and lastly being one of the best "kakak" for me from the day we became close till now. I love u la though u bebel2 non stop...Hehehe

To Kak Siti, sorry to take some of your precious time just for the sake of meeting up with me. I knew that you cancel your meeting just to meet me. I was touched ok. I am praying for your success in career, family as well as your life mission. I owe u a treat for the next visit to Bawang, TGI Thursday or etc. Thank u for "belanja" me at Bawang. Pray that i get a job in the near moment so that we can hang out more often and spend more time with each other+Kak Ju. Thank you for being one of my best sister as well like Kak Ju.
I am very fortunate to have such a great "kakak" like u=)

Cik Tikah Ex UQ

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Just a quick update
I am now in kl
busy of handling something
will be back in perlis soon

Cik Tikah Ex UQ

Monday, January 10, 2011

I know what u did last christmas

As promised, I'm gonna upload  a few photos that were taken a day before I departed back to Malaysia.
FYI, I went back for good to my home country on the 26 Dec 2010.
Therefore, the day before that was Christmas Eve.
Kak Siti and I went for a walk around the city with the intention of finding an old windmill.
I really wanted to take a picture there because I thought the building looks like the famous windmill turbines which are easily found in The Hague.
However, my expectation was too high as the building is just a normal statue.
Just flick through the pic below if u didn't believe me.
Basically, the city looked dead during Christmas Day. I  can even count the number of local walking around. Mostly are tourists especially Asian.
Almost 90% of shops there closed. The only shops that opened were 7/11 and a Kebab's shop.
Even KFC and MCD were closed.
Where were the promised that KFC made? "We open 365 days a year".
Anyway, enjoy the photos

This is the windmill that I was talking about

The day when Christmas made one of the busiest city turned into an old cowboy town..BORING...

Are we lost in Ancient Greek Timezone?

Cik Tikah Ex-UQ

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mari Memancing

Tadi petang mulanya nak online.
Tapi bila mak ajak gi memancing kt Parit besar belakang rumah tu, terus Off semula laptop
lari keluar.
Nak mancing punya pasal..Excited hoccay...
Tahu x, aku dpt 4 ekor ikan? Terer x?
Hehehe..masuk bakul angkat sendiri jap...
Ikan tu kecik2 je...ikan puyu,
Kalau korang xtahu ikan tu mcm mana, dia ala2 ikan sepat yang orang buat pekasam tu.
Mak aku ajak aku memancing sebab dia nak letak ikan tu dalam tempat simpan air kt luar rumah supaya xde jentik2.
Tempat simpan air tu bukannya simpan air dari paip tapi air hujan dan digunakan untuk siram pokok2.
Jadi, diharap agar ikan-ikan tu dapatlah makan jejentik tu.
Supaya nnti xde la kena saman dengan Jabatan Kesihatan sbb jadi penternak nyamuk aedes.
Mintak simpanglah.
Oklah, tu je la kot aktiviti hari ni.
Nanti next entry aku upload gmbr hari2 terakhir di Brisbane.
Khas untuk tatapan korang yang baca blog aku.

Cik Tikah Ex UQ